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Exclamation Connecting my xbox to my PC through a linksys Router??

Im setup like this.

Xbox--->Port 2 of the linksys router
PC-----> Port 1 of the linksys router
Cable Modem -----> Uplink of the linksys router

Im running windows 98, evaluation copy of FlashFxp, and I have Cable (as you can see)

I am also running norton anti-virus 2003, but i disabled auto protect.

Im transfering at slow speeds (30k/s) because I think I need to eliminate my cable modem from my setup. When I unplug my modem, I cannot connect to my xbox then.

I hear about setting up the tcp/Ip in network settings, so I specify myself an Ip, but then I lose internet connection and I don't know what to do next! I dont know what settings I need to change in flashFxp or if I need an FTP server or what! The thread about the linksys router didnt help me because I dont have the same model either!

Im also running AvaLaunch dash on my xbox.
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