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Originally posted by slash
I need more information about your cable modem for this, but from the way you stated it, it seems your 'cable modem' is both modem and router?

Post the information indicated here.
My cable modem isnt my modem and did u get that?
My setup is
CABLE MODEM------uplink of hub
PC---------------------Port 1 of hub
Xbox-------------------Port 2 of hub

See I have 1 NIC thing in the back off my comp, and I use a cable modem. So i need a hub to hook my xbox to my PC, unless there is a way to do it without using my cable modem.

Here is my info

* FlashFXP -evaluation copy
* OS Win98
* Running behind NAT/router-...yes? the hub?
* Running firewall-No
* Running Antivirus-yes, Norton anti-virus 2003
* Network-Cable
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