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When was the last time Microsoft posted something on their website to dismiss a rumor about one of their product or the company ?
I would think Microsoft is one of the company who put the most money into marketing / tergetting campaigns. So in my book, they're a very good example of what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to public relations.
After all, everyone complains about Microsoft and everyone still use many of their product daily! That says something.

That being said, I'll speak with IniCom about that and see what are their intentions. But I doubt they'll would want to put something up after waiting so long.

Please restrain from further similar threads now people. The subject has been spoke of from every possible angle.

Originally posted by J-J
If someone spread rumors about a company and the company then write an article dismissing the can that be bad? It makes no sence. The people who spread the rumors does not get anything positive from such an article. It's like this all the time in real life. Rumors spread and affect the stockmarket. Then the affected company dismisses the rumors in an official message to the press to minimize the damage and get the stocks back up.
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