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Although I agreed with MxxCon's post i still don't understand WHY a company must request an audit of one of its products to stop the spread of false rumours, it's (in my humble opinion) to surrender to those pathetic kiddies and envy/lazy ftp coders that doesn't give ANY fact that anyone can prove and check about the spyware/adware inside FlashFXP, c'mon guys ... FlashFXP was one of the FIRST companies that i've seen on many years to advice the use of Ethereal or another sniffer/network scanner to check that the rumours were false.

On the other way, do all of you think that those rumours will stop with a security audit made by *put here some well-know security company* ... i'm not 100% sure. Unfortunately there're a bunch of ways to feed a lie. The point is how many importance we must give to those rumours.

But ... this is probably how the marketing thingy works, someone says a lie and the company must show and prove to the rest of the world that it's in fact, a lie.
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