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He was talking about outgoing emails Linkster, not incoming.

The problem is the technique used by mail servers.
About a hundred big or small lists exists, mostly freewares, that blocks SMTP servers based on different rules sets.
There is no standard, no universal rules applied by all of them. There is absolutely no way to know how to not be listed in all of them.

Most people receive our emails. Some 1% don't.
We could use another SMTP server, but how would that help ? We would send the same ammount of emails daily, to the same people, containing the same information. So the servers that listed the old SMTP will simply put the new server in the list. There is no end to that.

Simply deleting emails that the server think is spam, before it reach the user, is just plain silly and will never work.

The best way to fight that is to call your ISP and complain that your loosing important emails due to their spam control system. Maybe shout at them a couple of minutes, and get them to provide spam control at the mailbox level, so nothing is lost.
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