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Default Where is my License Key ?

Dear FlashFXP-Team!

I purchased some days ago FlashFXP. I received from ShareIt an "old" key, which works only for v2.x, and not for 3.0.

I tried via the the FlashFXP webpage to upgrade the key from v2 to v3. The webpage says: Your new regkey has been mailed to your email adress..but i didn't received the key.
Then I have tried to register in the customer portal, I didn't have a password, and the webpage says again: Your new password has been mailed to your email adress.
Nothing, i never become a mail.

Yesterday, I have send a email to (with Purchase Details, and v2 Key), and I didn't received a answer mail :-(.
When I become a answer, and the regkey for v3 ?

Dear Mr. ,

Thank you for your order. share-it! processes orders and collects payments
on behalf of IniCom Networks Inc..

Your credit card (MasterCard) has been debited with USD 29.00.


Order number:
Sequential invoice no.:
Date: xx-JUN-2004


IniCom Networks Inc.
609 Sean Ave.
Socorro, NM 87801

Customer information:
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