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Originally posted by MxxCon
yes that text is valid for v3 and for all future versions for the rest of the time.
don't belive that others say? run a firewall/network sniffer yourself and see for yourself so that flashfxp does absolutly nothing but what you tell it to do.
Excuse me for my ignorance, but are you a part of the official FlashFXP team? If so i trust your words 100%

To be sure i´ll try to figure out how to use a network sniffer so that i dont have to bug you about this anymore. I already have a firewall and router. But FlashFXP is built to use connectivity and therefore its a bit hard to restrict access for it. You see my point?

But please do understand my concerns on a matter like this, the old saying "no smoke without a fire" seems to be applicable way to often these days, when Internet connectivity seems to be built in, needed or not, into every application you install. Im not to happy with that.
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