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Originally posted by ND-
If you're worried get a packet sniffer and check all packets ffxp sends out. That way you can be sure.
Yes, that way i can see that FlashFXP sends out packets, but me being the Average Joe user, the only thing i will see is exactly that, packets sent out. What kind of packets goes beyond my knowledge.

Tribl: I agree, as being a legit user i have no problems whatsoever with the things you are mentioning, if there´s something else, i would, to put it mildly, be a very dissapointed paying customer

DayCuts: Why should i be worried about some warezed versions? Thats not the issue here, as stated i´m a paying user and will so remain, i couldnt care less about crappy warez versions. But i agree, if i was into using cracked versions, i really would worry

I´m very confident that the official FlashFXP people will come up with an answer.
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