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Originally posted by Tribl
u might wanna read this thread about that topic.
Thanx dude, i made maybe the most common mistake people tend to do on forums, i didnt perform a search before i bad.....on the other hand i´ve read that thread before and it sure give some answers but not all i think.

Still it would be nice to once and for all (or again, if you want) have this issue solved.

You can always blame "the author of UltraFXP" for spreading that slanderous BS but i doubt he´s involved with tearing apart FlashFXP and cracking it as the groups claims they have done, and during that process obvoiusly found some suspicious behavior.

I´m a simple layman when it comes to reverse engineering and such so i cant check it myself (i guess it also would be a violation of the EULA), therefore i am simply asking the officials here.
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