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Default Question about spyware?

As being a registered and very satisfied user of FlashFXP for years now i have have never used one of them cracked versions out there and i never intend to do so.

But....the last couple of days i´ve seen at least two cracked versions of RC4 1010 where the "crackers" claims to have, and i quote: "Precracked with own installer (no spyware)" and "Removed *ALL* callhome s**t" and "this release is sites.dat file fixed" and "Since FlashFXP v3.0 RC3 Build 1000 there is new spyware too in the setup", it goes on and on like that. Can someone inform me what all this BS is about?

The fact that FlashFXP does a check for correct serial number at the automated update occasion is a well known fact since years, but are there some and new "undocumented features" involved in this process with the new version?

I would really appreciate if someone could give me a clear and truthful answer on this issue.

I do believe this is just crap BS from the lame dudes writing it but it would be nice to hear the real facts about it from an official source
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