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Default FXP freezes completely

Hi there guys and girls...

I have problem with FXP that popped suddenly after using it for 3weeks without problems.

I ran FlashFXP v2.1.194 and now Im running FlashFXP3.0

* FlashFXP v[3 ].[0], build [0 ], [NO]registered,
* OS [yes ] WinXP,
* Running behind NAT/router , Not sure
* Running firewall Yes, Name [McAfee], Ver. [7], or [ ] No
* Running Antivirus [McAfee v 7 ] Yes,
* Network xDSL

Here is the problem:

I had Panda Titanium 2004installed and then I got rid of it. During this time FlashFXP v2.1 worked fine. I then got PCCillin Antivirus with Firewall and my problems started. I couldnt get FXP 2.1 to work and on top of that I had a trojan on my PC that I sorted out yet it came back. Then I Uninstalled PC Cillin and Installed McAfee V7 and I still had the FXP problem. I can open FlashFXP but as soon as I want to connect to a URL the program freezes and takes up like 90% CPU. I uninstalled FXP 2.1 and installed FXP 3.0 yet the problem persists...

I really need some help on this asap.

Thank You
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