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Originally posted by bigstar
For those of you who encounter this error on exit please try to answer the following questions

1. Are you connected to the ftp server when FlashFXP is exiting?
2. If Yes, Is the ftp server using SSL/TLS?
3. Are you using the FlashFXP schedule and forcing FlashFXP to stop at a specific time?
4. If you have the ftp session logging enabled it would be very helpful to see the last few lines of your ftp log (Specifically the 5-10 lines prior to and including "*** Log Closed". Timestamps and Identification tags would be a big help.
1. The connection to the server was closed during the night. I had chosen to disconnect at the end of the queue, using the menu and not the global preferences.
2. Yes, I was downloading using SSL.
3. No, I wasn't using the scheduler.
4. I'm sorry, it's the first time this happens and I wasn't logging.
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