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Cool A bit off-topic ...

dark0n3, i really appreciate your technical comments about Mode Z, it's good to learn something new each day but ... i strongly disagree about one of your comments:

" ... apache2, has been in developement for years, and they still not haven't got a stable release ..."

Auch, that's unfair. I've been using the Apache 2.x branch for nearly a year and a half on several sites (medium companies, intranets, with Tomcat connectors ...) and i haven't noticed any performance/crashes problems, seems stable to me. Of course, the vast majority of Apache admins are using the 1.3 branch and the fact that, for example, the PHP group warns about using PHP and Apache 2.x could lead to confuse future Apache users or admins that are thinking about upgrading their servers. It's also true that some modules only work on Apache 1.3 but it also true that new powerful modules have been developed for Apache 2.x and others have been enhanced; finally we can't forget that Apache 2.x is 'windows-friendly' (opening the Apache world to many, many IIS-slaves)
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