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Default Re: Re: Suggestion: Support for Mode Z Technology

Originally posted by Oldbunny
Mode Z compatible Softwares:

FTP Voyager, Serv-U, ShareIT FTP, NetTransport, Core FTP, Smart FTP, Gene6, GetIT FTP, RaidenFTPD, BlackMoon FTP Server.
If you click on the link you'll see this paragraph:

"The vendors and authors of the above softwares didn't make any promise for MODE Z implementation, but they are working on it so it's possible to see them to support MODE Z in the future".

So ... it should say "Mode Z future/possible compatible softwares". Read always the small words ... . This method is, according to the RFC draft, based on the ZLIB Compression Engine, so it could be interesting; anyway i would like to see real benchmarks of this method applied to ftp normal operations.
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