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Default Suggestion. Manually Add to queue w/o being connected to site

Ok, here's what I would like to see - comments appreciated.

I have the IE plugin enabled so when I click on a ftp link, it opens flash and automatically queues the file. Now I don't usually download immediately because I am still on dialup (not out of my own choice - 1.5 miles from Roadrunner and 41K feet from CO). So what I do is go ahead and finish browsing and when I come across another file to download, I click on the link and a new FlashFXP session starts and the file is added to that sessions' queue. What I would like to see is an option to add to the current FlashFXP open.

Would it be possible so that when a link is clicked and FlashFXP detects that a session is already active, to prompt the user: "Do you want to add to the current queue?" And if yes, then just append to the end of that queue, otherwise start a new session of FlashFXP. I also thought about what if 2 Sessions are already open, which queue to add the file to. Either the program could prompt for which one or we can try for my Option 2 below.

Option 2: I know Flash has the ability to Manual Get when connected to a site. If its possible to just have an option to manually add to the queue when not connected to a site would be greatly appreciated.

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