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I've done a bit of a stress test of FlashFXP 3.0.1003 using AUTH TLS/SSL @ 256bit encryption.
FTPd's used were: Serv-U 5, RaidenFTPd, Pure-FTPd, Pro-FTPd, and for good measure, wu-ftpd.

For testing purposes, I created a home directory which contained 25,000 folders -- this tore the life out of my server HDDs, hehe.

I performed 10 connections with successful listing in each case.

This has left me at a blank as to what is going on. Do you have the lastest OpenSSL libraries for the system(s) which glftpd is running on?
Do you have any form of stateful firewall which might be seeing the massive listing as some form of attack and thus severing your connection to the server?

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