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Lightbulb adding tabs like mozilla

would it be possible to add tabs as you see in the mozilla web browser?
this would make it so much easier when you have multiple transfers going at once.
sometimes i have 6 flashfxp.exe open and it's annoying trying to figure out which is sending what and to where without having to click on all of them to see what they're doing.
also, i have to put em minimized in the system tray to keep em all from cluttering up my taskbar. and when they are minimized down there it's even more annoying to check on a certain one.
ultrafxp (booooo) has this, cept the way that they utilize it is not good at all. it's annoyin how it takes up useful real estate in the window. tabs would do the job just fine.

anyways... it'd be nice to see "tabbed browsing" in flashfxp.
tell me what you other members think.
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