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Default Please help me out! Can't FXP anythin' from/to anywhere!

Dear m8s

I was usin' Morgul application 4 my site 2 site transfer until 2 weex ago when 1 of my friendz recommended me flashfxp. @ da 1 look I falled in love with this very simple use & user friendly program. In da very 1st days of use, It was da best app that I'd ever seen but all of a sudden everythin' changed. @ da same time I had few changes in my system. My Norton Antivirus had been xpired so I needed a nu 1 then I switched 2 McAfee professional also I'd recieved an upd8 message from Zonlab 4 upgradin' my older version 2 ver 4.5. In da meanwhile my ISP went down & it made me 2 change my Internet service after a long time & my fxp nightmare just started. I wasn't able 2 fxp anythin' from/2 anywhere. I was sure 1 of those changes r behind this trouble so I started tryin' 2 figure out which 1. @ d end I checked my IP & considired it has been changed but I still can't make head nor tail of it. I'm afraid it's over my head & I have no clue how 2 solve it. Could any1 gimme an idea what I'm suppose 2 do? Is it my changed IP? I'm gonna b grateful of your guidance.

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