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Nevermind..just received it. thanks.

anyways i have a question i went to the CUSTOMER PORTAL, and to upgrade my license from 2.1 to 3 version but it wont accept my email address, xxxx-xx-xxx license or anything. does it take 48 hours to setup or something?

"We are sorry, but we didn't find any registration key matching the FlashFXP ID you entered. Make sure you have spelled it correctly and try again. Remember that if you are a new registered user, it will take at least 48 hours for your registration information to be stored in this database.

Thanks for using the key upgrade system." - is what i get.

ALSO, i need to change the name of the license holder from ...the NAME setup to MY NAME (the name setup is the credit card holder of the paypal account - my partner, and i need to set up the license in MY NAME - Shivam Parikh, not Sarla Samuel)

What do i do?


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