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I found how to start FXP with command line, and additional commands that i needed was: -tray -pass="mypass" ....

but how can i load last queue automatic, if FXP creates own like this: 05-16-04_14.28.47.918068.fqf , so i think i need put in command line full length name the latest queue but this is hard... i thought that command is avaible that automatically load the latest queue, if this command exist write it pls.

second: after i started FXP by command line -pass"my pass" and with -tray, may i with command set pass again? instead right click mouse button "lock FlashFXP"

so i need in one command line start FXP in tray mode, deactivating pass with -pass , then automatic load and resume latest transfer and lock FXP in system tray as well.
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