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Default some suggestions regarding filenamehandling

I want a feature that backup the file i want to overwrite.
Depending on the settings (that aught to be there) it can ither download/upload the file i'm about to overwrite with another filename (i e *_old_%date%.* or something), THEN overwrite the file.

OR i can just upload the file with another name (i know you can do this already, but listen to this) then rename the soon-to-be-"overwritten" file to *_old_%date%.* and renaming my newly-uploaded file to the soon-to-be-"overwritten" file's previous name.

Wich brings me to my next suggestion.

I wanna be able to swop filename.
i e what i wanna do is to do that last bit of my previous suggestion manualy.
e g i have a index_new.html and a index.html and want them to "switch place".

What i have to do now is to rename the index.html to index_old.html (leaving the site without an index.html) and then renaming the index_new.html to index.html (phew, everything is back in order!)

Realy what this is, is a "chain of commands", or even better; a "command transaction".

The first ones i mention can be done by enabeling me to right-click-drag a file to the que; giving me the choice add "transfer as"-transfers to the que.

The second type; a ftp command chain, has to be invented thou.

Opinions on these suggestions are welcome!
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