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Default Unattended FlashFXP installation

Ok listen up. I'm busy building my own unattended windows CD. This is a CD you put in your CD-Rom select a drive and it will install windows automatically including all your favorite programs. As FlashFXP is also one of my favorite programs I would like to include this in my CD as well. But therefor I need to know 2 things.

-What switches are needed to let flashfxp do a totally silent setup?
Well I just found out the /S switch does that. Type "FlashFXP_21_Setup.exe /S" and it installs totally quiet to the program files folder.

-How can I enter my license automatically (without having to start flashfxp for it)?
I was thinking this must be possible trough the register adding my license with a .reg file. I think that's possible but I don't know where to look for the right reg-key. Maybe you guys could help me on that.

Thanx in advance
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