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Default fixed these 3 problems, ffxp rules the scene completely

1. ffxp can't show us the"blank folder" such as "/ /". it's a drawback of ffxp. in order to see & access the blank folder, i could not help using le*chftp. in addition, on performing "Find Files on FTP Server", it can't catch blank folder.

2. ffxp only can do one at one time. preed at 2 or 3 sites simultaneously, i had to open 2 ffxp. if multifxping of ffxp had been available, i could have needed only 1 ffxp window. in my opinion, microsoft's excel style will be a good for ffxp.


3. ffxp doesn't support "multi-thread-downloading".

these are what i want to be fixed. actually, i'm not good at English.

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