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Default Encrypt fxp transfers?

some friend of mine was telling me to ask around (these are his words), because I had no idea who to ask, so I figured I would here... anyways:

there is no encrypted variant of the FTP protocol out currently
of which i am aware that supports encrypted site to site transfers

the only solution that i can envision is to use an encrypted wrapper on the unencrypted ftp session which is where a VPN or PPTP comes in

do you know if there is a way to encrypt fxp transfers?
because flashfxp, even w/ authTLS doesnt encrypt fxp
ssl/tls doesnt do fxp transfers only
direct transfers
it's a sftp protocol issue

Is there now a ftp server that allows for encrypted fxp transfers?

from what i understand fxp transfers can be encrypted if the person sending makes a vpn tunnel

I don't know of anyone to ask these questions.
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