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Hi, wazzup with this feature ?
Like kik said, it's really annoying to change proxy settings each time.
I already suggested this some months ago, but this feature is still not implemented, neither on the todo list.
Sorry, I dont want to hurry, I just would like to get known whether there are still plans to implement this, and perhaps when it will be implemented.

Some ideas how to realize this would be to make a global container of proxies, where each proxy gets a static, unique label (specified by the user, or automatically), and you enter this label in site specified settings. Would also be fine to be able to see which sites use this proxy label (used by).

For example in the container there are:
label ---- hostname ---- port ---- user ---- pass ---- type --- used by
proxy1 8080 "" "" http => used by:
proxy2 1080 myuser mypass socks5 => used by: ;

Site specified settings:
---- ----
Proxy: proxy1

and a possibility to set more proxies, if the first proxy fails, like
---- ----
Proxy: proxy1 ; proxy2
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