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Default Re: 2 stupid questions :PP

Originally posted by Seb_Lz
Hello, this my first post here and first i'd like to congratulate you for the nice prog wich is FlashFXP

My questions are :

Where can I get the last version of FlashFXP
(I have the version 1.4 build 800) (The last version is 1.4.1 build 829, is'n it ?)
Build 830 is the latest official release. You should be able to download it direct from FlashFXP thru LiveUpdate (Help/Check for upgrade) assuming you have a valid license.
Is there a parametre like -a ("LIST -al" for exemple) to see " " (spaces) before some directories because sometime there are directories like " pictures" but FlashFXP show me "pictures" and I have to use BulletProofFTP or anothers to see the real name of the directory.

Thank a lot for your answers,
No, FlashFXP is unable to display directories that starts with a space. This is by design, and explained here.
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