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Cool 4 more for ya

I was using ffxp a minute ago, and came up with 4 features i would see useful.

1. a tool that shows the diff between file on server and the local one, or atleast a feature that enables me to easily plug in a third party diff tool.

2. a visual, easy to understand, indication of what file ffxp think is the most recent one and ability to configure rules for what to do when pressing the allmighty new "sync folder" (see 3)
eg. if i use the "edit" feature on the ftp, that one is the most recent. but when comparing the two i have to compare dates to se this.

3. A "sync folder" button that, with regard to the sync-folder-rules, syncronizes the folder content.

4. Some kind of visual, easy to understad, indication of weather or not the file-view is a cached one.
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