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Default Problem when downloading

First of all, i REALLY like your software. i think it's simply the best!

okay... enough of taht... i got an annoying problem with version 2.1 (924).

1. When downloading smalls files (like an entire webiste of 30megs) after a while, the program hang and lost is connection. I set the program to restart right after, that's not the problem... The problem is that it's hang very often! Like 50times on a 30megs basis.

Got no packet loss from my ISP, hosting company, my router, wire, and network card because when i'm trying with others ftp client (AceFTP/BulletProof)... it's goes perfectly... PLEASE HELP!

2. Second thing it's not a problem but maybe a nice feature to add in the futur version... Drag/Drop from server panel directly to other place (like desktop, explorer,etc.). Does guy like me that using dualscreen will find this feature very usefull.

For now, we can only drag/drop into Server Panel from anywhere...

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