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Not in my experience......
List Complete: 795,215 bytes in 10.10 (78.87 KBps)
stats: 1104 Folders, 6624 Files, 7728 Total (42,880,181,454 bytes)
Effectively this would work very similar to the 'Calculate FTP Space Used..' feature when the 'List directories recursively' option is checked and listing for '/'. The difference would be how the raw list data is used after it is recieved, for tree view 'population' purposes. As for the expanding, perhaps not needed or even wanted (an 'expand all' and 'collapse all' options could be added also), however populating the tree view with recursive listing would allow one to navigate using the '+' and '-' without having to perform a directoy change and a listing seperately all the time before continuing to the next folder or sub-folder.

My thought would be to add this to the right click options for the tree view, allowing you to right click and populate the selected directory and all imbedded, in the case of right clicking the '/' at the top of the tree view it would perform the command on the entire site.

I don't know about others but i often use recursive listing for various reasons already, such as checking site quota on my webhost. And have never experienced issues of this taking very long.
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