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Default I wanna buy a reg key -two questions regrading that

1) Can I purchase FlashFXP using a Debit Card ? My friend has a Debit card which I want to use for the purchase. He has VISA Electron debit card , that is debit card from the VISA company. I live in India. Can I use it to purchase a reg key for FlashFXP ? I don't have a credit card myself and any friend I know of doesn't have a credit card either. We are all basically students. Can I use my friends Debit card to purchase a reg key for FlashFXP ?
2) I will use my friend's debit card to purchase a FlashFXP registration key. But definitely I would like to have the registration key with my own name and using my own email id. Is that possible ?
I would also like to know, will my registraton key be valid for all upcoming versions of FlashFXP, till FlashFXP is made, till end of world , for all version, major or minor ?

Thanking you

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