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Default Problem with "File Exists Rules"

I have a small problem with the "File Exists Rules" setting for FlashFXP.

If, for example, I am downloading a large file and I leave FlashFXP open overnight, if somehow, during the night, the connection was lost, currently the following would happen:

Attempts to reconnect
Pops up dialog asking what to do (Because the file already exists)
I'm not there, so it waits thirty seconds.
Then it overwrites the file.

This is very inconvenient for me, obviously.

So I navigate to the "File Exists Rules" section of the settings of FlashFXP, and I'm given this:

so I set it up, like so:

Now, I notice the second to last checkbox; "On Ask, Wait [30] seconds then overwrite" well I don't want it to overwrite so I uncheck this.

The last option I leave on 0.

Now off I go downloading a large file, if something happened overnight that caused the connection to be lost, then the following would happen

Attempts to reconnect
Checks the settings for "File Exists Rules"
Acts depending on them. (In this case, resumes)

That's perfect, just what I want.

But there is a problem: If I am downloading or uploading a relatively small file, and I have the settings how they are, it will automatically either attempt resume, or it will skip. Most of the time, I update a file regularely and the one I attempt to upload grows in size, this would cause an attempted resume, which would fail, obviously.

I can see a solution for this, and that is on the option "On Ask, Wait [30] seconds then overwrite" to allow to you choose "resume" instead of "overwrite". But it does not allow you to of course.

I am asking for a way in which to obtain the functionality I require. If it is not possible, then please treat this as a feature suggestion.

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