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Hope this is somewhat related...

I want to create an "automatic" transfer that does the following:
• Transfer dir with contents from Server A to Server B
• then from Server B over to Server C - after transfer A -> B is done

The problem is that if I queue a dir from A to B, then pause the transfer after dir is created on target B (to be able to create queue item, to tell flashfxp to transfer dir from B to C) only X amount of files (that currently exist on Server B at the time I queue the dir) get transferred to C.

The same goes for if I create a queue-file by logging onto B and C, queue dir, save queue-file and then load that queue so it appears last in queue for the A -> B transfer. It only transfers the files that exist on B at the time of queue creation.

And I only queue the parent dir, not any separate files. Does flashfxp automatically check what files exist in the dir and then only transfer those instead of whole dir contents at the time that transfer starts ie. in this case dir from B -> C?

Would be really great if some actions could be queued in addition to files and dirs. Ie. creating manual queue entries like one could be edited.
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