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early ultrafxp help file had parts of it ripped directly from flashfxp's help file. it wasn't just similarly worded phrases, it was direct copy/paste rip-off including minor spelling and gramatical mistakes.
earlier versions of ultrafxp looked almost exactly like flashfxp. if you didn't look at the titlebar for the name of application you'd have hard time knowing which one is which. just take a look at
that's one of the reasons why version 1.0+ changed it's look to something like this

earlier versions of ufxp ripped off layout and wording of options screen too, once again including minor spelling and gramatical mistakes.
not all ftp clients look the same. cuteftp or smartftp or wsftp or ftpvoyager never looked like flashfxp or like each other. they can be configured to have somewhat similar layout..but ufxp went way beyond that.
i am the registered user of flashfxp but i don't like flashfxp wastes time on this.
don't worry about that. as you can see by the beta releases bigstar is still completly dedicated to flashfxp development. other, better "law-aware", people handle ufxp issue.
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