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Default queue transfer problem

I have this problem with loaded queuefiles from a commandline.

My queue.fqf could look like this:


Mark that i do 2 queue's of the same dir.. Thats because the sourcedir may not be complete when the first queueline runs.
The 1:st queueline runs ok. And if the sourcedir wasnt complete, i thought the 2:nd queueline would do the trix (at the time of the 2:nd queueline, the sourcedir is problably complete).

This is the error i get in a situation like this: (when the 2:nd queueline runs)

MKD /US/03/something
550 System Error- /US/03/something: File exists.
CWD /US/03/something

And then it skip to fxp the complete sourcedir.. the 2:nd time(even if there is new complete files in the sourcedir)
I have the "update directory during transfer" checkboxed also. Doesnt help.
What could i do?
Is there some way to reset the failed queue line, using the commandline or manipulating with the .fqf file?

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