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hmmm, but then how would FLASH FXP read the changed folder names..... then anyone who got in would be able to read if a script was produced........ see this way... it makes it harder... you have to know the string.

I'm not saying by anymeans ENCRYPT data.... i'm saying kinda like RENAMING the files based on the string so that they look like crap instead of what its supposed to.... when people just look at the actual file contents... but if you FLASH FXP into the site with the correct string it DECRYPTS.. displays the actual folder names and files and also when you download decrypts the file name back to the original based on the string...........

if a script was used for a site then yes to the person who just searches the hard drive it would look like crap, but anyone who hacked in ..... the script would automatically through FTP allow them to see the files normally..
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