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Default Folder Encryption Type

Ok.. when peeps run servers... they have directories and files..... what would be nice is an option that would allow you to ENCRYPT the FOLDERS adn FILE NAMES..... if someone was to just go on your hard drive adn look at them they would see crap folder names not obvious things... but when you open flash fxp and provide the CORRECT STRING for that server, then when flashfxp loads the names of the DIRECTORIES and FILES it automatically decrypts it...........if the server has the option checked and provides the correct string..

A.K.A... so if someone goes onto your server and they look at your harddrive...your SITE folder contains directories that instead of saying MY STUFF says.... HG WDSDA... and can be decrypted... This helps against hackers if they get into your server and they see DIrectories with crap names and files with crap names.. they don't know what it is, and probably won't bother with it...

of course what this means is another Tab on each SERVER that has an option for a STRING.... and also a TOOL so you can type in the string and enter in the TEXT and it OUTPUTS the TITLE ENCRYPTED so you can change the FOLDER name to the encrypted....

If this doesn't make since... then i will kinda re-explain..
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