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Default passive, limiting port range?

hey, im on dsl connection shared via wingate software. the problem is that due to security reasons only *some* of the ports on the server can be opened, which makes ftp connections almost impossible. lets take one site as an example. it uses port 2398 as the "entrance" port, so i unlocked it and i can easily connect to it. however, when i try to transfer any files or browse the contents, flashfxp attempts to connect on virtually every port from the range (~8000 - 65535 <-- thats what ive witnessed so far). if i allow all 'connections to internet' on wingate, i get no errors, but as ive written earlier - i cannot do it long-term.

the question is: is there a way to force flashfxp to transfer data on a specific range of ports in passsive mode?
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