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Originally posted by MxxCon
so why would you prefer to use software that can NOT do what you want instead of the one that can?
Hmmm nice question man . But in this regard of me requesting a real time Bandwidth meter inbuilt in FlashFXP, I believe FlashFXP should reveal more secrets about herself rather then taking the help of some other 3rd party application. Honestly, to see what I want to know about FlashFXP , I couldn't afford to pay for a 3rd party shareware such as NetPeeker or NetLimiter. If it is something I want to know about FlashFXP, I want to look only at FlashFXP , and not at another application which will take lots of desktop space . Bottom line is why should I pay for a different shareware that would take a huge amount of desktop space and show only a little info about other software ?
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