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Originally posted by MxxCon
even tho he said it's on todo list, you can still use basic event-triggers in flashfxp to launch your own sfv checker.
you can use something like netlimiter
I know that I can use the trigger thing to launch a SFV checker, but I prefer FlashFXP to do very simple .sfv/.md5 check such as automatically check a downloaded file for me by scanning for a .sfv/.md5 file within the downloaded folder and report back the result in the status window while the next file in the queue is downloading. For more complex things, I can trigger launch other .SFV/.MD5 checkers or I can always run FlashSFV or hKSFV manually .

Instead of NetLimiter I prefer NetPeeker myself (w* But the reason why I request a real-time graph for FlashFXP only inside FlashFXP is because I want to view in real tme the performance of FlashFXP only and I want the FlashFXP infos to be shown by FlashFXP only ,just like FlashGet which has it's own real time bandwidth utilisation meter .
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