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Originally posted by Partha
d: Even bigstar says it is on to-do list. People who like it use it, others don't .
even tho he said it's on todo list, you can still use basic event-triggers in flashfxp to launch your own sfv checker.
I mean a real-time bar-graph m8 that conviniently shows your upload/download bandwidth utilisation only for FlashFXP, nothing remotely related to Statistics tab. Look what is a real-time graph for the entire internet connection here w* But DU Meter shows bandwidth utilisation for all applications taken together ( say FlashFXP + FlashGet + Opera + IE +...) . I want a real-time graph for FlashFXP only inside FlashFXP , perhaps over the queue window . I hope now I sound clear ?
you can use something like netlimiter
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