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Hmmm a car is only to drive, not to illuminate it's front road while driving at night !!

Perhaps the above would have been a valid argument 50 years ago, not now. IMHO if lights makes driving a more convinient , even though street lights are there for illuminating the road, .sfv inbuilt checking makes any FTP client a better one even though .sfv checkers are there . Ultimately, the end user should be given the option whether to turn the car llights on or use the street lights while driving at night. Similarly the end FTP client user like me would like to have a choice whether to use an inbuilt sfv checker or use a seperate .sfv checker to solve the file verification job. Those who don't like an inbuilt .sfv checker can always turn it off .

Here's a good application related example. FlashGet , the best download manager on Planet Earth. Not only it supports HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS downloading, it also has a Site explorer, which in a sense is somewhat like a FTP client although you can only download, and that makes the life heel lot easier for many FlashGet users .
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