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Smile 2 great suggestions

hi there...
here's a couple of suggestions

i would like that when i double click the status window to open it, if there's any internet link written i would like to only click on it and my browser will open, instead of copy/paste the address.

[R] 220-
[R] 220-                Welcome to the BELNET FTP server
[R] 220-
[R] 220-        Please log in as "ftp" and give your E-Mail as password
[R] 220-        to access the anonymous FTP archive.
[R] 220-
[R] 220-        Other access methods:   HTTP:
[R] 220-                                RSYNC:  rsync://
also it would be great that if you double click the status window the content would update in real time too if you keep browsing the ftp site with that status window open. This would be great because i could enable the 'stay on top' option and make a very big status window in the bottom of my monitor, or even drop it to a second monitor i have installed, so in one display just local/remote folders and queue and in the other a full view of the status window. This would really rock.

Thanks for the attention
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