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Default I need Fast FTP servers for SpeedTesting

Hi everybody. I'm having speed problems with my ISP and I need lots of hard data to shove in their throats. See, I always get great speeds from their servers ( and they keep blaming any other servers I download from instead of listening to me and trying to fix the problem. For them, as long as my ping to the gateway is good and the modem's noise levels are good, it can't be their fault.

So what I need are LOTS and LOTS of FAST public ftp servers that have at least one file of several Mb in size so that I can speedtest from. Web based speedtests are not accurate nor reliable enough. What I'm looking for are your typical ISP, University or Company ftps on a big fat pipe. I'll need at least 40 or 50 of those if I want to make a solid case.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Some examples of ftp servers I can use: ,

Thank you all for your time.

ps: I use flashfxp for all my speedtesting. that's why I'm posting this here

pps: this should be obvious, but just in case: keep them public and legal.
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