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Default Using two Network Interface Cards

I'm running a evaulation version of Windows Server 2003. I have a registered version of FlashFXP 2.2 B-971.

I have two NIC cards in this box.

One nic card is connected to my linksys 8 port router for internal lan use.
The other NIC card is connected to my linksys 5 port switch. This I use for internet connections.

I have set the internet nic for TCP/IP only. disableing the networking protocols, because I dont want a path from my internet nic to my lan nic.

Now...I have my internal Lan nic set for networking only on my lan...I dont want it to have access to the internet...just the internal lan.

I relize this post is more towards netowrking setup...but my problem is...

I want Flash to use my internet NIC card only when I need to upload or download from the internet....and use my lan nic to transfer files between lan machines.

Is this even possible?

I hope somebody can steer me in some direction.

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