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Didn't you keep the IkonBoard posts?
Let's see.. There were two things;

First the way you enable/disable the skiplist in build 800 is teadious (going to options, skiplist, check enable). I suggested you make that checkbox the global status, and restore the Tools-option and make that setting local to each instance (ie. memory-based only).

Second, I was asking for a way to override the skiplist matching on a case-by-case basis, such as adding an option in the right-click pulldown to force-add a skipped item to the queue. See, as it is now, the skiplist excludes dirs/files that matches, but if you add them to the queue with the skiplist disabled, enable it and then do the queue, it'll still transfer the items that's normally skipped. I dont think this would require that big a change, and if you did this, suggestion #1 isn't nearly as vital (tho, we would like to see both at some point )

Umm, maybe this thread should be split and put in Suggestions.
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