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Originally posted by MxxCon
well you'll need to explain better than just saying sometimes it fails to verify
post md5 file and if the file that fails is not big enough, possibly it too
What mean fails to verify? It's simple: When I try to check MD5 Hashes of certain (usually 500~600 MB) files with FlashSFV, it says CRC Error when it's correct if checked with others MD5 tools.

Which ones? Hash Calc by Slavasoft (

Or DigetsIT2004 (

Or the Microsoft MD5 Tool (

Now if the size of the files are big, well what if I say that it happen even with ~10 MB files?

Anyway the hash check fail happen only somethimes, certain big files (Even over 1 GB) are correctly checked, with no errors I mean.

That's the reason why I'm telling you that's a quite strange fact.

I've tested the program on 16 different machines with the same files and the fails happen anyway.

This make me suppose that ther's something wrong inside the program, but mine is just a humble idea.

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