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of course it's a local ftpd. i can get up and walk to it now and it's on the same network. that's pretty local, wouldn't you say?

it has a different IP and operating system (Debian). it functions as a server (the only machine that does) and it's not the computer that FlashFXP or FlashSFV is installed on. this machine is firewalled for a very good reason - it's windows. i wouldn't trust it outside the firewall.

and why i'm saying this, i don't know. setting up an ftpd and configuring my hardware to accept server connections on this machine and therefore open a whacking great hole in my carefully configured network doesn NOT amount to "ease of use". if you don't mind me saying, it's a bit of a heath robinson way of getting automatic file verification.

maybe i can just get my siteops to upload them to me instead? then it'd crc check on the server.
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