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Originally posted by MxxCon
i think whole ZA firewall is a complete crud, and their popupblocker is nothing more than a bloatware which is designed to do nothing but sell more software. quality browsers like firefox or opera have buildint popupblockers, and for IE everybody and their grandma uses google toolbar which has the best popup blocer i ever used.
good stuff. i do indeed use opera and don't see the point of the popup blocker in ZA... however, i'd have to disagree on one point. the firewall itself is probably the best software firewall available, well worth the money and then some. having said that, ZA's privacy features don't detract from the security of it as a firewall. and it's available without the extras in ZA Plus.

thanks for the link to how to execute program after transfer... that'll make things a lot easier for me now. and i can shut up about sfv checking.


As for downloading, you must understand that automatic integrity checking within a client software would effectively pause the session while the file is checked, in the case of larger files this would create a big problem for it's users.
it doesn't slow down ioftpd, bpftpd or serv-u as it's a separate local operation. the integrity check happens when one transfer stops and the other one starts. it doesn't need to interrupt ftp operations to verify files.

If you really want files to checked in realtime as the download finishes, and its that big a deal. Simply set up your own FTPd with a single account for you and use FlashFXP to FXP between the site and your own FTPd.
and in an ideal world where every single server allows remote transfer in and out, that would be a great solution. but they don't. so as soon as you get a server where remote transfers out are blocked, you're screwed.
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