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The name 'FlashFXP' i think is enough to know built in sfv functions should not be implemented. For one, as the name suggests, this program i aimed largely at site-to-site transfers (file integrity can not be checked in this case from your side, it has to be server side). As for downloading, you must understand that automatic integrity checking within a client software would effectively pause the session while the file is checked, in the case of larger files this would create a big problem for it's users.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if there is an sfv/md5 file accompanying the files. All you need do is double click the sfv after the file/s are complete (assuming you have a decent sfv checker installed on your system).

If you really want files to checked in realtime as the download finishes, and its that big a deal. Simply set up your own FTPd with a single account for you and use FlashFXP to FXP between the site and your own FTPd.
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