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which, if you don't mind me saying, is quite an idiotic statement to make in today's world.

you can extend the logic of that and say that ftp servers are only supposed to serve files and shouldn't check file integrity on upload and people are wasting their time coding such features into their programs or making addons.

in other words, it doesn't really wash, saying "it's an ftp client, it's not supposed to do that."

zonealarm is a firewall, yet it can also block popups. is that a stupid idea because it's not supposed to do that?

not really a common sense argument that "it's an ftp client", when you think about it, is it? having a feature in flashfxp that automatically verifies sfv/md5 as you download them isn't really a feature that's totally separate from the ftp operations. why not include it? if you can't do it or simply don't want to it, say so.

so is there a real reason, or are you sticking to the crap one?
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